Why Eat Local? Support Local Farms, Shops and Restaurants.

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Monday, May 16th, 2011 10:00 AM CST

Without trying to sound like I am preaching, I must say it makes me smile when Partners like Cambridge Market and Cafe tell me they shop at local farms and farmer’s markets. The idea of local stores carrying local products also makes me smile as well. Not only does it keep money in our community it also saves on energy and helps our environment.

In fact, a new study shows that some organic items are cheaper at a Farmer’s Market than at the local Supermarkets. “We’re starting to see enough competition among vendors at farmers’ markets that the prices are becoming competitive,” said Jake Robert Claro, a graduate student at Bard College’s Center for Environmental Policy.

The following is a video with Michael Pollan who has written extensively about the Food Industry in America. As well as I am posting a visual of the benefits of eating locally. We do suggest shopping at SKY Farmer’s Market, Community Farmer’s Market, Bowling Green’s Original Farmer’s Market, Jackson’s Orchard, John’s Custom Meats, JD Country Milk, O’Daniel Farms and many more farms in the region that are doing it right on a daily basis:


Graphic about the benefits of local food:

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