LettuceHelp: It’s Like Having A Hollywood Assistant At Your Disposal.

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Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011 7:00 AM CST

Be honest, grocery shopping is pretty awful. Trying to find parking or driving to the local farms and/or farmer’s market can be a task. Then there are those times you just need help moving some items. You wish you could just pay someone to do it for you. Basically, like a hollywood star you send your assistant out to pick up all those things you don’t have time for. Well, you can. Lettuce Help is here to “relieve you of those burdens and give back the time and energy you didn’t have before to devote to the people and things that are the most important to you.”

Buy Local Bowling Green wanted to know the genesis of starting this company in Bowling Green, “I was in the grocery store one day and I saw a woman and she had two kids, she had one in the car and they were all screaming and crying” Kalu Njoku said “I thought, ‘why not there be something where we took care of that for people?'”

Not only are they a grocery delivery business but they do hauling and they are partnering up with local business, partners fix computers, mowing/landscaping, They are really wanting to push local businesses as a whole together.

“Success isn’t really even a question- it’s just when it’s going to happen and that’s when we gain the trust of everybody in the community. There’s many elderly and disabled people-I know that they need the service. That’s not a question” said Tony Huynh.

What’s really cool from our perspective, they are working with locally owned retailers and farmers markets. Check them out at Lettuce Help‘s website or on facebook.

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