Hippee Dippee Ware: A Recent Classic Artform and a Modern Artisan All In One.

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Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 10:00 AM CST

From Grateful Dead fans to those who just love some great tie-dye, people are starting to flock the local artisans who run Hippee Dippee Ware Chris and Amanda. The engaged couple (getting married in June) have a company that caters to a crowd looking for a great look and local appeal. Amanda and Chris create several types of art including tie-dyed clothing, batik shirts, hand sewn pants, skirts, purses and blankets as well as hemp necklaces, bracelets and anklets.  They also dabbles in paintings on canvas, records and sometimes clock faces.

Using tie-dye goes back to an art that is close to 50 years old. Also, using a natural resource many in this region had their family farms grow just 80 years ago in the plant known as hemp gives the art and products a feeling of respect to the past while making something cool for today’s clients.

“The beauty that can be found in a hemp necklace.”

In a recent interview with the Amplifier Amanda told the publication, “Chris and I started creating tie-dye shirts as a fun project one summer day. We had so much fun that we decided to do it several more times that summer, and began to tweak our process to create better quality shirts in a more efficient way. Once we moved to Bowling Green (from Frankfort), we continued making shirts, but this time we had people ask about where we got them and how they could get one. We decided, with the help of “Mellow” Matt Pfefferkorn, to sell them at The Great Escape Records & Comics. I had also, around that time, discovered a love of sewing and had started making purses and blankets. I eventually expanded to pants and skirts. The hemp necklaces had been a hobby of mine for several years, and Chris and I mostly wore them ourselves. When people started asking about where to purchase them, we decided that we should add them to the regular stock. Since then, we have formed our own small business and operate primarily out of our home. Most recently, Jennie Nunn has jumped on board and blown us away with her amazing hemp and beaded jewelry designs. She has really inspired me and has helped me to branch out and experiment with different designs.  We are both very excited to work with her.”

“Beaded Ear Rings”

Check out Hippee Dippee Wear at The Great Escape Records & Comics. Also, check out their Hippee Dippee Ware Facebook.

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