Runaway Rabbit: A Bowling Green Company with Global Appeal.

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Thursday, March 31st, 2011 10:00 AM CST

We love the unique businesses in Bowling Green that so many around the world have learned about but, some in their very own city have not checked out themselves. Runaway Rabbit was a company we learned about last year. Runaway Rabbit is the result of a notion of two stay-at-home moms from Bowling Green that evolved into a plan, then into a company that has taken on a life of its own! Gayla Warner and Laura Jones were in search of the perfect pair of bunny slippers that reminded each of them of a long lost pair from younger days. They were not to be found, so these enterprising moms set out to create this well-known, but curiously elusive critter.

As it says on their website: “Today they are making tracks (bunny tracks) to get this unique brand of comfort and fun out to the rest of the waiting world. They are confident that wearers will love them not only for the comfort they bring to the feet, but also for the joy they bring to the heart!” We just love the look of bunny slippers, were a sucker for comfortable slippers.

“Some funky and fun bags from Runaway Rabbit.”

Although, this is not just a company selling slippers. From Hoodies, Bags, Bed Jackets, Dish Towels, a great gift called “Keep Your Fork” and much much more these ladies have created a company that is unique, simple and brilliant. Check them out on their website or on facebook!

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