Want To Save Cash on Your Home? Want To Be More Energy Efficient?

By Admin, BuyLocalBG.com, BuyLocalBg@gmail.com/
Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011 10:00 AM CST

Every month as you open your energy bill it’s a scary experience. How much will you have to pay this month? There could be a way to help lower that bill and not break the bank. Not to mention being more environmentally efficient. Capitol Window and Doors is now offering their XL70 Superglass at 50% off through April 15th. Save 50% and then save on your energy bill!

The XL70 Superglass is an Earthwise window that far exceeds the requirements of Energy Star, for the ultimate in window importance.

One question Capitol Window hears a lot from their customers is, “How much energy savings can I expect?” or “How much will my electricity bill go down with these new windows?” These are good questions and are often difficult to answer. It depends on which window you choose, how inefficient your current windows are and how much of your current energy usage goes to heating and cooling your home. Everyone should expect to see some savings, even with their most basic of replacement windows.

Most of their customers report a savings of 25-35 percent with XL70 Superglass. Some customers have written them and said their energy bills were cut in half! So how much will you save? That is really up to you. Call Capitol Window for a free in-home presentation and they will tailor an energy savings package to meet your particular needs!

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