Buy Local Bowling Green: In Case You Missed It (It’s nice outside edition)! 9th week of 2011!

Some of the coolest businesses go away when people don’t spend their money with the local business owners.

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Friday, March 4th, 2011 10:00 AM CST

Gary Grinstead kicked off the week with some great places to shop in the ‘Bowling Green Favorites’ feature. We even got one just outside of Warren County that is a gun lovers dream. Click

Computers have changed the way people do business. With TIM Care from S&R Tire we can save money on gas and ride safer. Click

YellowBerri and Sean Marshall want the young lovers to win! Click

The new WKU Store trivia from the ‘Book Corner’ has me baffled. I can’t figure it out. I may cheat. Click

It’s not ‘Soap Makers On The Square.’ Yet, Candle Maker’s on the Square do make some mean soaps. Try them out! Click

Old Receipt + Jewelry Store + 130 year anniversary= $500 gift card. You need to get looking for those old receipts so you can win that gift card. Click

FINALLY, Cambridge Market and Cafe opened back up. Now, we can go and get that good stuff during lunch! Click

There are Squirrels on the square. Well, not the live kind. There are live kind but, that’s not what we are talking about. Mash the link and see which ones we are talking about. Click

Ever wanted to know how to make a home version of ‘Spencer’s Latte’ from Spencer’s Coffee House. So did I, that’s why he did our ‘Behind The Bar’ feature this week. Click

Lasik shouldn’t be a mystery. If it is, Dr. Rynerson basically took the mystery away with us this week. Trust your local Opthamologist! Click

Need Mardi Gras gear? Need extra Beads, Babies or Masks? Party 1 Superstore has the hook-up. Click

Smokes, Beer and Tastings. All covered earlier for Bowling Green Pipe and Cigar. Mash

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