Destiny Dental, Give Kids A Smile Was A Success.

“Dr. Steve Robertson working hard, giving back during ‘Give Kids A Smile.'”

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Tuesday, February 15th, 2011 10:00 AM CST

One of the great things about local businesses is they also think and give back locally more times than out of town businesses. It’s simple to see the reason why, they live here. Destiny Dental at the beginning of this month participated in the ADA’s “Give Kids A Smile.” Destiny Dental has been an active participant from the very beginning of this program which is designed to deliver full dental care to children who ‘fall through the cracks”. The ADA’s Give Kids A Smile® program enhances the oral health of large numbers of needy children. Give Kids A Smile activities also highlight for policy makers the ongoing challenges that low-income families face in finding dental care.  These kids come from families with no dental insurance or third party coverage, such as medicaid. It also has grown with the downswing in our economy and sadly, trips to the dentist usually suffers when the family finances grow tight.

This year Destiny Dental $20,178 worth of dental work for free for our local kids! I hope you will call them and thank them for this great program and work they did to give back to our community. In seven years, through this activity, Destiny Dental has been able to provide preventive and restorative dental care to 100+ children, totaling over $60,000.00 in donated dental services.

“Dr. Gina Davis helping a kid during ‘Give Kids A Smile.'”

“The reason most kids miss school is because of tooth decay, it’s largely ignored and it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact it’s the #1 reason kids miss school,” says Dr. Steve Robertson. It’s a beautiful thing to give back and Destiny Dental has done a great thing with this event.


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