Buy Local Bowling Green: In Case You Missed It (The Frozen Edition)! 6th week of 2011!

“Anyone else tired of this view?”

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Friday, February 11th, 2011 10:00 AM CST

I was in the mood to discuss the positives and negatives of a 3-4 defense on Monday as we visited 1340 The Ticket’s, Norm Haney. Check out his suggestions in our ‘Bowling Green Favorites’ feature. Click

The Ladies of The Leaf were back at Bowling Green Pipe and Cigar this week as the tobacconists and their shop had two tasting events. In the thick snow and cold weather they had a great crowd. Click

We started a give-away with BGB Photo and Design. Just go to our Facebook page and you win a free Photo Session! Click

Can You Name This Book?

The WKU Store rolled out the new “Book Cover” in their “Book Corner” trivia contest. Can you name the book of the month? Click

We went “Behind The Bar” to learn how to make a Root Beer Martini with Tony Ryherd of ‘The Bistro.’ You need to check out our newest feature and get your reservation for Valentine’s Day, quick. Click

Guys love Diamonds. The Diamond Anniversary set of cards from Topps. Kentucky’s oldest Sports Card shop is now offering the 60th anniversary set from Topps. Click

I’ve already got a couple ‘Thank You’ emails over the ‘Party 1 Playhouse.’ No need to thank me, just get you and your kids out to a great, local facility for family fun! Click

Corsair Artisan is doing great things in a small corner of our downtown square. Have you been by to see this budding company that started in Bowling Green, it’s a place to take out of town guests. Click


Credit Cards are a necessary evil of business now days. One Kentucky group has figured how to do local businesses processing at an affordable rate with a cutting edge machine. Click

WHO STILL NEEDS TO GET A VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT? Morris Jewelry has some great ideas for all the people who want to say I love you to that special someone. Click

This is the time of year many of our local businesses are getting the newest and latest products in their expertise. Grinstead’s Flooring and Furnishings have new laminate floors coming, with great warranty and great price. What more could you want? Click

Next Week: Bowling Green Favorites with Lacey Jackson, a look at Junkyard Gypsies and their newest store as well as another great episode of “Behind the Bar.”

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