Kentucky CPS is now offering the latest advancement in Credit Card Processing, Dejavoo Systems!

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Thursday, February 10th, 2011 7:00 AM CST

Kentucky CPS has teamed up with Dejavoo Systems to offer the latest technology for business owners in accepting credit cards. Now it doesn’t matter if you have a power cord or a phone line. As long as you can get cell service you can go anywhere for shows, expos, conferences, fundraisers, road side assistance, deliveries or in home calls to make a sale. Since Credit Cards are a global function we suggest using a local provider for services. Here are some of the devices you can receive from Kentucky CPS & Dejavoo:

The Dejavoo M5 is a business enabler accepting payment anywhere. Small foot print, build in Pin device, fast printer, back lit keyboard and display, the M line is the ideal wireless terminal. Dejavoo connections to Transaction Payment Gateways as well as its Value Added Server accede any desk top or other wireless terminal and in fact give merchants more options to improve and complete their business needs, on the go!

Dejavoo’s X Line of terminals allows users to securely access a broad set of new applications. Ask “What can my terminals do for me in excess of Card Processing?” Dejavoo features unrivaled connectivity with its Front End Ware (FEW) OEM server to facilitate constant ongoing communication between Dejavoo terminals and various back end applications improving satisfaction, retention and most importantly promoting and generating residual income for ISO’s and merchants.

The Dejavoo C5 has been designed to meet key payment needs. This compact terminal offers a valuable price- performance ratio for new merchants and merchants needing to replace non-compliant terminals with the latest security, innovation and attractive price.

The next generation in credit card processing is available in Bowling Green and our local store owners can beat the big box stores to the punch on this technological advance.


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