Buy Local Bowling Green: In Case You Missed It! 4th week of 2011!

“We are heading into Valentine’s Day Season. BGB Photo has some sweets available.”

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Friday, January 28th, 2011 10:00 AM CST

Doug Gorman was in Monday to discuss his Favorite Things. From Cambridge Market to The Capitol Art, he had it covered. Click

We got quite a bit of response off the post about Bowling Green Pipe and Cigar’s carry out beer selection. It is a really well kept secret and it shouldn’t be. Click

The last of the Spencer’s Coffee House commercials were released. My favorite was week 3 but, this one is pretty great. Click

Cambridge Market and Cafe is a great place for those looking for catering for a business meeting or for that special day. Plus, White Bean Chowder….. yum! Click

The WKU Store Fleece sale is still going on. Have you taken advantage? Come on…. what are you waiting for? We’re in the middle of Snowmageddon. Click

Beautiful European inspired food, Amazing building and a menu for lovers. Yep, ‘The Bistro’ is ready for your Cupid Day reservation. Call now, before you forget and get in the dog house. Click

I must admit, the story I learned the most from this week, was this one. Candle Makers on the Square really should be known as Fragrance Artists. Because they make 2 senses be swarmed with beauty. Click

Actors? We don’t need no stinkin’ actors…… oh wait. Yeah we do. Also need Musicians for the Capitol Arts Youth Theatre’s Odyssey. Click

Are you online? Do you like music? Do you like to go to locally run websites? Well, then Soundlion.com is your place. Click

Bud and Wes are two great local tire store owners. They are great and go above and beyond the call of duty to help their customers. Sometimes they are mere mortals. When you are out of the region, they have friends who can step in when you are far from home. Click

WEDDING SHOW! Yep, this weekend. You better not miss it. Click

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