I Very Much Support This Kentucky License Plate. Do You?

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Friday, January 21st, 2011 10:00 AM CST

Info for this came from this website: Click for link Here is how it will work:

The Process:

1.  Click here to submit your Small Business Specialty License Plate Application online. The application may also be printed out (and then mailed to PEAK) by clicking here.

2.  PEAK collects the applications and a $25.00 application fee for each specialty small business license plate ordered.

2.  Once 900 applications are gathered and upon proper verification and final approval by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, the plates will be produced.

3.  A postcard mailer will be sent to applicants notifying them that they may go to their county clerk’s office to pick up their small business specialty license plate.

The license plate can’t be produced until 900 applications have been received.  Therefore, you may not receive your plate immediately.  Updates will be posted on PEAK’s web site and Facebook page at: http://peakky.org and .http://www.facebook.com/PEAKKY

Submit only $25.00 per plate with your application, but note that applicants will need to pay an additional $19 to their county clerk for each standard small business specialty license plate when the plate is picked up.  Therefore, the total cost for a standard plate (non-customized) is $44 ($25 initial application fee to PEAK plus $19 to your county clerk when you pick up your plate).

PEAK will receive $10.00 from each plate ordered and 100% of those funds will go to support small and micro business development initiatives in Kentucky.

Please send a $25.00 application fee for each plate ordered (checks only please) to:


Attn: Special Projects Acct

P.O. Box 1772

Frankfort, KY 40602-1772

Checks should be made payable to PEAK Special Projects Acct.

Commercial vehicles requiring a commercial license plate are not eligible to obtain a small business license plate (or any other type of specialty license plate) in lieu of the commercial plate.

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