In Case You Missed It! 2nd week of 2011!


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Friday, January 14th, 2011 12:00 PM CST

This week went by fast. The first big snow of 2011 did not slow us down. We announced today a new partner in Party One Superstore and we thank them for jumping on board!

We did start the week with the golden tones of Scooter Davis from Beaver 96.7 Morning Show. He sat down with us to give us his 5 places locally he loves to shop. Click

Spencer’s Coffee House let us into their creative process for their second installment of their web ads. This time, Justin from Spencer’s forgets the whole 30 second ad concept. Click

With all the snow it was bound to be a topic of conversation, going somewhere tropical. So, we visited the idea of cruising with The Beaver and ‘The Travel Authority’ to Central America. Click

JFKaye’s Cafe is not a political themed restaurant but, a story of a family dream coming true. We were able to try to give you a peak at one of the newest players in the Bowling Green food scene. Click

Daily News giving us a little love was a great thing this week for Buy Local Bowling Green as a whole. The fact they see the importance of buying at locally owned businesses enough was awesome. Here’s to all the projects to bring attention to the locally owned businesses. Click

The best reaction we’ve had so far this week came from the idea of a jewelry giveaway to commemorate 130 years of serving the community. Morris Jewelers are not only a great local business but, taking the lead to help revitalize downtown. Click

The WKU Stores newest feature online with a weekly sale is going over well. Who doesn’t want an awesome Big Red Hoodie at a huge discount? Click

Special column by Justin from Spencer’s as they celebrate 10 years of business. Click

We get our first look at the uber local Partner ‘Cambridge Market.’ Don’t forget to check our their specials daily via their website. Also, check out what you may have missed this week. Click

Our Great designers and Partner Working Wilsons’ are life savers. Seriously, if you have a project for your business, civic organization, church, campaign or just a narcissistic urge to celebrate your greatness; you can call them for a great logo or designed ad campaign.  Click

COMING SOON (like 2 weeks) BUY LOCAL BG Stickers for your car or Computer! Send us an email if you want one! mepannell@gmail.com

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