Mark Your Calendars now for BG Pipe & Cigar’s Big Event on December 9th!

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Monday, November 29, 2010 6:30 AM CST

Bowling Green, Ky. — December holds a bit of tradition for BG Pipe and Cigar. It was their first full month of business in 2008 and that is why they’d like to celebrate it with you during their Second Annual Oliva Christmas Blowout.

A free Oliva cigar will be given to the first twenty-five people in attendance byIan Hummel, the regional Oliva representative.

Don’t these look Tasty!

Buy 3 Oliva, Nub and/or Cain cigars and receive a free cigar. Snag a Box at 15% off and get a free Oliva 6pk sampler. There will be a special upgrade for the purchase of a box of Serie V while supplies last. If that is not a sweet enough deal they’ll be doing specials on all Founders Brewery Beers. That’s right, Breakfast Stout, Red’s Rye, Founders Porter, and an as yet to be named beer will all be discounted during the event.

A final note for football fans. Keep in mind that Indianapolis visits Tennessee for the Thursday night game. It just so happens they have a TV. Is this divine providence? Could it be that mere mortals were able to predict a perfect alignment of Cigars, Beer, and Football? Not just football,but a local divisional rivalry. In a word, yes. They are scheduling geniuses and called in a favor to the NFL scheduling committee. Don’t question it. That just happened.

This will be their last big event at BG Pipe and Tobacco until early spring.  Between the Free Cigars, Beer Specials, Colts/Titans Football, the great service of Andrew and Chris will make this a great way to kick off the holidays and maybe knock off some holiday shopping with beer, cigars and football! Ladies, are encouraged to show up and help add some class to the place.

Event starts at 5:00pm and the game is at 7:30pm.


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