A Local’s Guide To Eating in Seattle. #BuyLocalBG

We’re looking at spots we have not been and one of those places is Seattle. It’s strange because my Grandmother was born in Washington and my family has deep silver mining roots in Northern Washington and I have yet to visit. Plus, we have friends that live there working in the tech industry. That’s why we asked for 5 Local Seattle spots to eat on a future visit. These are their picks, not ours so if you have your own, hit us in our email:

* Paseo (or Un Bien) – Paseo is/was the best sandwich in Seattle, The Caribbean Roast Sandwich.  A few years back they went through some trouble and the sons of Paseo’s founder and the original owner took the recipes and started up a competitor called Un Bien.  Either way, you can’t go wrong.

The Lorenzo brothers, Julian and Lucas, sons of Lorenzo Lorenzo, have opened a new place on 7302 15th Ave. NW, Seattle called Un Bien. This is their Caribbean Roast, $9.75. Photo via www.seattletimes.com with full story

* Top Pot Donuts – Started in Cap Hill, the donuts are huge and heavy.  Unlike Voodoo Donuts where it’s all about what they can glue to the top, Top Pot puts all their flavor in the donut. (Portland we are sorry for the shade from Rob. We love your donuts.)

* Canlis – This is the $$$$$ fine dining spot.  If you want a table with a view of Lake Union, the men in your party had better be wearing coats and ties. The food is incredible. During Covid, they started doing Pop-up style offerings on their property outdoors.

* Restaurant Marche – Take the ferry over to Bainbridge and it’s just a half-mile walk to a great French restaurant. It’s a bit of France in the heart of Winslow, and this upscale Bainbridge Island option offers fantastic takes on traditional Gallic dishes crafted with local sourcing; with attentive service in a colorfully charming setting. It’s a lovely little escape that’s worth a ferry ride and also can be on the somewhat “expensive” side.

* Tacos Chukis – Traditional Mexican taco spot. “They’re just perfect” says Rob. Currently operating in Capitol Hill & South Lake Union, Beacon Hill and the Central District. I love the back story: “A broke student who had recently graduated from UW, and who had no prospects for a job to speak of, decided to invest in a bicycle and ride it 1,700 miles down the coast to visit his hometown of Tijuana. Upon arriving, he was greeted by family and was quickly taken to eat tacos, tacos which he had so dearly missed and could not find back home in Seattle, delicious tacos which he craved during his entire trip. Once he returned to Seattle he met a friend who, upon being told of his quest for tacos, told him that he used to be a taquero (a taco artisan, if you will) in Mexico City. Tacos Chukis was born and that broke student now has a job.”

One extra not from Rob but that we’ve also had suggested. Now, this last one is going to be the fast, cheap, and local spot. When we go to a place we like to find the local option for fast food. Think Pal’s in Eastern Tennessee or Western Virginia.

*Dick’s Drive In- Dick’s Drive-In, or simply Dick’s, is a fast-food restaurant chain located in the Seattle, Washington area. It was founded in 1954 by Dick Spady and others. It currently operates seven locations in the Puget Sound region. It features fast-food staples such as hamburgers, hand-cut french fries, and individually made milkshakes. Dick’s is particularly well known for the “Dick’s Deluxe,” which includes lettuce, mayonnaise, and chopped pickles.

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