Welcome Buy Local Bowling Green’s Newest Partner, International Market & Cafe!

We’d like you to meet Bowling Green’s Ali. His shop sits on the corner of Indianola and Broadway in Bowling Green across from JC Kirby and Son. If you haven’t been in International Super Market & Cafe you are missing one of Bowling Green’s most pleasant owners. Not only does he speak 8 languages (many he learned traveling the world as a merchant marine) he is someone who genuinely cares about the people coming in his store. From the Native Bowling Green resident to the newest arrival. Often times helping those find help where he can help. Ali arrived in the USA from his native Bangladesh in 1988. Ali made Bowling Green his home in 2007. He and his wife and kids have made Bowling Green home and we’re better as a community with his being here. (📷 Of him with Jackfruit and if you slide you’ll see more of his produce offered in store).

The Store

We look forward to highlighting some of his products in-store (Some locally sourced and obviously many of the world items come from abroad). Follow International Super Market & Cafe on Facebook!




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