Two 4th of July Weekends! Better stock up on The Status Crowe Ice Cream This Weekend at Community Farmers Market.

We love Great American Entrepreneurial stories. That’s why we love teaming up with The Status Crowe. The daughters and Mom have created an ice cream people in our community love. Slowly growing with more distribution.

The Status Crowe Story

Founded in 2017, The Status Crowe was the brainchild of Carol Crowe and her daughters Kenzie and Laila.
The Crowes are a family that enjoys cooking, eating, and creating together. They have developed a delicious and unique product that is certified Kentucky Proud. JD Country milk and cream, locally grown fruits, and Gone Nuts peanut butter are a few of the local products that are incorporated into their amazing flavor combinations.
When they’re not making Crowe-Zen Cream, you can find them jamming with Kevin Crowe in their rock and roll band Kenzie Crowe & The Flaming Hots.
Make Sure you find them at Local Shops and Community Farmers Market to try for yourself. While you are at it take the time to follow them on Instagram & Facebook !

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