Afternoon Classes for Art Matters Summer Camps are Still Available!

Summer Art Classes are still available in the afternoon with ART Matters, Community Art Studio. Every afternoon, starting on June 25, the India camp will begin with yoga, by Susan Tutino! But, they also do Henna hand painting and many more Ancient Arts! The Art of the Caribbean camp is just like it sounds- all about Island Life and full of tropical fun! They will make paintings inspired by Haitian art and mask making like traditional Puerto Ricans would make during the Coconut Mask Festival. Last, but certainly not least, children actually learn to paint in the French Impressionist camp that begins the afternoon of July 16. Why would they not? They learn from the best- Claude Monet.

Each fun-packed session is one week long, for a half day, (AM or PM) or sign up for two sessions, bring your lunch and stay all day! 

For lots of details about each camp, see our website:  www.artmatterscommunitystudiogallery.com

ART MATTERS TO STUDENTS of all ages whose schools have drastically cut back opportunities to learn about and create art.  That’s why Art Matters downtown offers after school art experiences in which children  create art using a wide variety of professional grade materials under the guidance of award winning artist and educator.  Children are supported and encouraged not only to create, but to learn, appreciate and draw inspiration from artists throughout history and from around the world.

To learn more click the link here and sign your child up for art classes: http://www.artmatterscommunitystudiogallery.com/

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