Peach Tastin’ Days are back at Jackson’s Orchard and They Are Open This 4th of July, 2016!

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Friday, July 1st, 2016 7
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A visit to Jackson’s Orchard is always a treat. From the moment you turn off 185 and onto to Slim Island road you can almost taste the Apple Cider Slush. You end up at the sign that has greeted so many, not just during this peach season, through the years.

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The drive up the hill is steep but it’s beautiful as the trees block the sun in a perfect tunnel to those piles of apples and peaches. Honestly, this would be worth the trip for me because in my younger days living in Northeastern Kentucky we would drive Paris Pike into Lexington and this brings the nostalgia of the trees shading the road of that iconic road.

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The Jackson family has offered good food and great memories to visitors for 50 years now. The originals of the local farming and food movement the Jackson’s have a special place in our heart. As they may not be partners of Buy Local Bowling Green but they are an inspiration and, to be honest, have been encouraging our local community to Buy Local for half a century. That’s why we had to take a walk around this week for our newest feature via our Youtube channel called “Daily Bowling Green.” Which will just follow us on our adventures:

We encourage so many of you to go out right now because it’s a great time to grab the kids and play on their play center that so many school children delight no matter if it’s now in Peach season or in Pumpkin season during the Fall festival. Not to mention, PEACHES!

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There is so much to find at Jackson’s Orchard. Make sure to find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Also, visit their website jacksonsorchard.com.

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