S&R Tire Center’s Expert Panel: “What Are Tire Mileage Warranties?”

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Thurday, June 18th, 2015 11:00 AM CST

From S&R Tire Center’s Expert Panel:

When you buy a new set of tires, they come with a tire mileage warranty. The warranty is assigned by the manufacturer and serves as a basic guide regarding how long the tires are projected to last (under normal use) and what happens if that lifetime should turn out to be less than expected.

Warranties typically have a five or six year limit and a mileage range from 30,000 to 100,000 (depending on the type of tire). Most warranties apply only to the original owner and original vehicle, so it’s important that you keep your sales receipt. Your warranty may spare you from having to absorb the total cost of replacement if your tires’ longevity is diminished.

There are several variables that affect how long your tires will last:

  • The type of vehicle you have. Tire life varies by car, SUV, and truck model.
  • The amount of driving you do. Obviously, more driving wears out tread faster.
  • The surfaces you drive on. Rough roads and debris can cause damage.
  • Weather conditions. Extremes in temperature can decrease tire endurance.
  • How well you maintain your car. A car that runs smoothly and is in proper alignment greatly enhances the way tires wear. Be sure to keep records showing all vehicle and tire maintenance.
  • Whether you maintain the tires as advised. To make sure tires wear evenly, they need to be rotated around the vehicle with proper timing and placement. The correct inflation optimizes tire life.
  • The type of tire. All-season, winter, and high performance tire all come with varying mileage expectancies.
  • How long the tires have been on your vehicle. Even if you don’t drive often, tires have an end-date for the material’s durability.

Remember that good tread is vital to good traction on the road. Legally you must replace your tires when tread depth is down to 2/32nds of an inch, but for safety’s sake you may not want to wait until that point. If wear on your tires appears to be greater than you expect, you’ll want to consult your Best-One® dealer about your tire mileage warranty.

If your warranty is still active, the cost of new tires may be covered completely or prorated. Your Best-One professional will review your warranty and your vehicle’s maintenance to see if an adjustment can be made and will help you understand the warranty and select tires that will keep you motoring happily.

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