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Monday, March 2nd, 2015 8:00 AM CST

ICYMI: This year’s home trends are all about ambiance. This from creativeinteriorsbg.com:

A new year is upon us yet again, a time for resolutions, fresh starts and new beginnings. We all know how hard keeping resolutions can be when focusing on improving ourselves, so this year if you’re having trouble figuring out a resolution or just need a little inspiration, why not resolve to improve your home? This year’s home trends are all about ambiance, and creating home spaces that are functional, practical, and—as always—comfortable. Because keeping up with the Joneses isn’t always easy, I’ve compiled a list of easy interior decorating tips you can use to embrace 2015’s new color trends.

Instead of purchasing new items immediately to achieve a fresh look, start by swapping out a few of last year’s colors for this year’s new. Color trends can be confusing. Companies often attempt to predict popular colors that will be influenced by their company for the upcoming year. So what is the real hue of 2015? The answer lies in how you intend to use it.

Looking to be BOLD?

This season pantone announced its 2015 color of the year, Marsala. This sophisticated deep wine color with subtle brow undertones is a perfect pairing to any space. Start by accentuating with small pieces around your home, replace the fabric on your pillows perhaps; you could add a rug and even repaint your lamp to match. Want something a little more dramatic? Opt for reupholstering larger pieces of furniture, such as your living room sofa, add coordinating panels to dress up your windows to tie it all in together. If you are looking to make a statement, consider using a bold primary color with neutral accent pieces, this could be as simple as painting your wall and accenting your trim. Reversing the classic decorating style we are so familiar with is a bold move that is sure to get some attention.

Sherwin Williams also predicted their own color for 2015, Coral Reef. The color is a pinkish-orange shade that the company admits will liven up any space. The vibrancy of the airy hue is able to enlighten any room into a warm and sunny space. Use it as a pop of color with warm neutrals, or let the color speak for itself as a blushing focal point on an accent wall. Look for inspiration in combining a wide variety of cultures from around the world, reaching out for pieces that embrace multi cultures. Try to find one-of-a-kind artisanal pieces that reveal a well-traveled collection of authentic old-world timelessness. Think Moroccan tiles, rich shades of gemstones, dip-dyed organic linens, bulky textures and nature’s natural hand-crafted elements like animal hides and wood fixtures.

Care for a softer look?

A classic way to change the look of any room is to change the wall color. The trend for this year seems to be incorporating colors that are derived from nature, or natural colors. Using tones that are found in nature are calming, therefore make your home seem more comfortable and inviting. Looking for ways to help de-stress this year, using earthy tones that reflect nature in your home, such as green (May we suggest Benjamin Moore’s Guilford Green) can act as a soothing color that helps promote relaxation of the body and alleviate stress. Guilford Green is a perfect ratio of pale green and silvery finish that is said to go with just about anything, making it a safe bet if you are looking for paint with subtle color. Add depth by pairing this tone with other pure, clear colors in the same palette. This year look for sea glass shades of blue and green, bringing the natural oasis of the ocean and sea breeze right into your home, while saturated hues like champagne, beige, peach and salmon capture the warmth of the earth’s soils and clays in coordinating palettes. Purchase items to decorate with that are eco-friendly. Caring about our environment and our natural surroundings increases our want to include items like that in our home, use items that you might already have in your home, such as glass jars for lanterns or wooden crates for storage, even plants can be used to make a space feel more alive.

This year is all about being resourceful, think about crafting your own home decor from linen cloth, rope, wood, stone, glass and burlap. Go for natural designs and themes, such as flourishing floral prints, watercolors and pastels. Add some sparkle to a rustic space by incorporating metallic accents to make the space feel more elegant. Remember to mix and match different tones, textures and types of patterns to add tactile interest. This year could be your perfect opportunity to turn your space into one that excites and reenergizes, you will love coming home to. This year’s colors are a promising upgrade for a fresh twist on traditional styles, and may be just what you need to break away from the dreary winter days and into the spring season. So try something new today and don’t be afraid to get creative. Whatever your inspiration let Creative Interiors help, you’ll love this place!

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