It’s Tuesday Which Means Market Day! Community Farmer’s Market’s Vendors of the Week: MARKET FINE ARTS & CRAFTS

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Tuesday, March 4th, 2014 12:00 PM CST

The Origin:

Shannon Dyche and Lisa Yeager both have a passion for art, and more specifically making art approachable. This passion started when they were young and carried them both through fine art degree programs at Western. Shannon’s main trade is painting and Lisa’s is sculpting. Both, however, can create just about anything out of nearly any media.
They met each other a while back through a local group called the “Art Social Group of BG,” a group devoted to creating a community of artists that continue to foster their passion through art by creating/critiquing/

socializing. Shannon and Lisa hit it off and soon after meeting started creating together. Then soon after that, they launched Market Fine Arts and Crafts. Lisa and Shannon wanted to work against the statistic that says 80% of art students no longer create after school. Eighty percent! That’s a lot, and they wanted to be no where apart of that number. So they’ve operated their business for the past 2 years selling at the Community Farmer’s Market both indoors and out, and will continue to during the winter, indoor market.

Items for Sale:

Shannon and Lisa have many unique items for sale. Shannon creates monster stuffies, cute, hand-sewn stuffed animals in colorful fabrics. Lisa makes hand sculpted magnets. Both contribute to the creation of the jewelry, teacup bird feeders, wind chimes, and handmade bags you might see at their both. Lisa also makes lovely photo frames out of upcycled old home windows. Beautiful stuff! Both Lisa and Shannon do custom orders, as well.

What They Want You To Know:

Currently, some of their artwork is on display in the Fine Art Center on Western Kentucky University’s campus as a showcase that was set up to highlight artwork made by the local art group of which they are apart. Both Shannon and Lisa have artwork on display there.
They will continue to be set up at the indoor market for the remainder of this winter season, or more specifically, the end of March. After that, they will take a break during the summer season and resume setting up in the winter months at the end of this year. They are set up both on Tuesdays and Saturdays, so get out there and see what lovely creations they’ve made!

 Contact Info:

You can contact both Lisa and Shannon for custom orders through their business facebook page:


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