Creative Interiors Guest Blog, “MY Kitchen is MY Kitchen.”


By Gina Graham, creativeinteriorsbg.com
Tuesday, October 1st, 2013 10:00 AM CST

Have you ever walked into someone else’s kitchen and couldn’t find a thing? You wonder what Nut case puts the silverware so far away from the dishwasher and the pots next to the refrigerator instead of the oven, we’ve all been there.When moving, redoing, or reorganizing your kitchen, here are a few space planning tips:

1. The triangle. Any good designer should know this key rule. The oven, sink, and refrigerator should make one triangle on your floor plan, this makes the kitchen a much more usable and cohesive space.

2. While unpacking everything, make a good dinner. While you’re in the zone cooking, you’ll reach to an empty drawer for your mixing bowl and now you know where it would be comfortable for you to have it, it’s your kitchen, organize it to your liking!

3. Pick only one. Island or table. Both can feel cramped and uncomfortable useless you have a huge kitchen and nothing to do with the space. There are some islands which double as a bar type seating area, which works well if you can’t choose between the two, but never cramp a room, especially a kitchen.

4. Remember the kitchen is the heart of a house, so put your heart in it and make it a statement of all whom dwell there!

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