Save the Date ! Saturday July 27th! You are going to be in for the treat of a lifetime at SKY Farmers Market!

By SKY Farmers Market, Newsletter
Thursday, July 25th, 2013 11:00 AM CST

There are four very talented and gifted teenagers who will be representing the state of Kentucky in the city of New Orleans on Sunday, August 4th. The 4H clubs across the country have held cooking  competitions all year and it has come down to just a few teams representing 8 states. These four students are from Warren and Allen counties. This wonderful group is 1 of 8 teams from across this great land of ours and they will be in a NATIONAL COMPETITION cooking Kentucky seafood, fruits and vegetables. All of this has to be healthy and sustainably grown. The caloric limit is 500 and the time is 45 minutes to prepare 5 complete and plated dishes. It will almost be like Chopped on a high school level on a National stage of sorts.

Chef Michael W. Riggs, PhD CEC CCA FMP is the Executive Chef at the Culinary Arts division of the Bowling Green Technical College. Chef has helped the group come up with a menu that will consist of Mint Julep Peaches sitting alongside a Seafood Hot Brown. They have named the dish “A TASTE OF THE BLUEGRASS”. All ingredients come from the state of Kentucky by either land or water and yes for those of you who did not know… we do farm shrimp in Kentucky. This was news to me!

The team is looking to raise money for their trip to New Orleans so I hope you all will tell your family and friends about the cooking demonstration we are doing at the market on the 27th and come on out and show some support…emotionally physically and financially$$$ They have a goal to raise the last $1500.00 of funds and we are hoping to help them get that done by the end of market on the 27th. So if 100 people wanted to donate 15 bucks or if 500 people wanted to bring a friend and a couple of bucks it could very easily happen so spread the word about the great event. Recipes  for their dishes will be given out the day of the event. SWEET TEA will be provided by Tea Bayou. Barbara Stewarts is also making some donations of the esthetic style so come join in the fun and be a part of something positive and historical.

The demonstration will take place starting around 10 to 10:30 so come prepared to be amazed. If you have ever wondered where the great chefs of the world…Emeril, Rachel Ray, Jamie Oliver, Bobby Flay, Wolfgang Puck all  got their start you have the opportunity to see it happen before your eyes. Who knows where these students will end up but for sure you will want to be able to say one day…I knew them when…..


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