Artisan Pizza Now Available at SKY Farmers Market

By SKY Farmers Market, Newsletter
Monday, July 22nd, 2013 7:00 AM CST

If you have ever been to Italy you know what the SKY Farmers Market was like last week. If you missed it come on out this Saturday and let the glorious smells of artisan pizza transport you to another country. Escape from the daily grind of your routine and join us for delicious handmade food, a few good friends and some even better fellowship.            

Is he an artisan or a chef or a chef that cooks works of art? Come on out and see for yourself.  Birch Bragg is a handsome devil and so sorry ladies he is off the market (for those of you who asked) but he is still at the market working away preparing some of the best pizza this town has ever seen. Birch’s vision was to serve a quality filled and tasty pizza in a timely manner. Based on the wonderful turnout last weekend he did that and more.

Birch and his fellow coworkers / teammates at Beechmont Farm and Market “believe in collaboration not competition.” That is why when you look at the menu you will see familiar names such as O’Daniel Farms, Kenny’s Farmhouse cheese, Peacefield Farms and others. Not only are their networking practices sustainable but so are their farming practices.

photos courtesy of Mitch D. Wilson

The beautiful produce you will see at their booth is all grown without chemicals or Monsanto. Yep that’s right. It is easy on the eyes as well as the rest of your body. Yes it takes a little more work to grow this way but they all agreed it would be a better practice that would yield a better product and healthier family and friends.

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