Labold and Sons Featuring Art From Local Artist Tim Phelps! Modern Work With A Real Twist!

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Thursday, July 11th, 2013 9:00 AM CST

Tim Phelps has walking live art. Seriously, many in town have some form of his work on their body as he is a Tattoo artist at Age of Reason. As much as all his stuff looks great we’d rather talk about his non-living canvass his art work at Labold and Sons. The following photos are some of what is available and it’s exactly what most are paying high dollar for in major metro areas but, this is local and done more affordable:

All of you are lucky I haven’t already bought this for a Baby Shower.

Another great kids piece or for the kid and dreamer at heart.


Love this beauty!

Bride of Frankenstein, Elvis and Charlie Chaplin!

Anchors away! On To Vacation!

Labold and Sons has really become a friend to the “Buy Local” community and over the next year we hope the city embraces their unique shop as they develop their concept. Located at 326 E. Main Ave. currently you can fan them on facebook.

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