A New Mattress from Just Bedding Mattress Outlet and Soothing Bedroom Colors Can Create a Calming Environment for Better Sleep.

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Your bedroom is designed to be the most comfortable place in your home — somewhere for you to relax and settle down after a long, tiring day.  In order for your bedroom to be a haven for rejuvenation, you should have an appropriate color scheme to set the mood and a wonderful Mattress from Just Bedding Mattress Outlet on Russellville Road. Offering Great Serta selections has made Just Bedding a must shop for those looking for a good nights sleep.

Recently, they gave us other tips for a good night’s sleep. The color scheme in your bedroom can transform the look and feel of your room and have a tremendous effect on improving your sleep.

It’s important to consider the various tone and shade of colors, because different colors produce different effects. You want to be sure the color you choose can improve your sleep and relaxation and avoid sleep anxiety and restlessness.

When choosing a color scheme consider the following:

Cool Colors: Cool colors are the best colors to create a relaxing, calm bedroom. The colors blue, violet and green make the atmosphere in your bedroom soothing. With blue resembling the sky and ocean and green resembling nature, these colors provide balance and serenity for a restful sleep. Cool colors promote a tranquil mood and are common bedroom colors.

Neutral Colors: Neutral colors are a safe choice for your bedroom. Beige, ivory, white and taupe provide less stimulation, giving your room a sense of peace. These neutral colors are simple and work well with bedroom furniture and decorations to create a comfortable living space.

Pastels: Pastel colors provide your bedroom with a calm, delicate feeling. With colors like lavender, powder blue, light pink and pale yellow, these soft shades provide a relaxing, serene atmosphere for your bedroom.

Bright Colors: Though fun and positive, bright colors are generally not recommended for your bedroom. Colors like red, orange and yellow are natural energy boosters. The boldness stimulates senses and becomes too overwhelming when trying to relax and go to sleep. Unless used in a light shade, it’s best to avoid these vibrant colors.

Remember, your bedroom should be a comfortable place to unwind and sleep, so choose a color scheme that helps you do so.

Balanced Bedroom Colors for Better Sleep

This bedroom uses soft, calming colors which can help promote better sleep, as well as an iComfort mattress from Serta.

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