Disneyana, Classic Weird-Ohs and Vintage Children’s Books! Some of the Treasures At Labold and Sons!

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Tuesday, March 26th, 2013 10:00 AM CST

Disneyana, Classic Weird-Ohs and Vintage Children’s Books!
Some of the most collectible items can be found right now at Labold and Sons:

Testors Weird-Ohs- The Hawk Model Company was one of the first American manufacturers of injection-molded plastic model kits.One of Hawk’s best selling kit lines was the “Weird-ohs Car-icky-tures”, dragster and hot rod caricatures (along with the related “Frantics”, and “Silly Surfers” series), based on concepts and art created by their oft-used freelance illustrator Bill Campbell.

Classic Children’s BooksIn 1932 the seemingly paradoxical term Big Little Book® was given to certain books published by the Whitman Publishing Company of Racine, Wisconsin. The term promised the buyer a great amount of reading material and pleasure (BIG) within a small and compact (LITTLE) book. These Whitman books set the standards for similar books, and Whitman’s copyrighted description has become popularized in a generic way to umbrella similar books.

Disneyana–  Disneyana is a term for a wide variety of collectible toys, books, animation cels, theme-park souvenirs, ephemera and other items produced by The Walt Disney Company. Examples range from products featuring virtually every Disney character—such as Mickey Mouse, Tinker Bell and others—to vintage stock certificates and company checks bearing the signature of Walt Disney. Here are a few items at Labold’s:

Classic Mickey!

This Snow White is Beautiful!

The only Disney Movie not re-released in the USA. Classic and Hard to find!

Vintage Magic Kingdom!

Labold and Sons has really become a friend to the “Buy Local” community and over the next year we hope the city embraces their unique shop as they develop their concept. Located at 326 E. Main Ave. currently you can fan them on facebook.

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