Bald Man Markings, One Of Many Brilliant Businesses Part of Community Farmers Market.

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Friday, February 15th, 2013 9:00 AM CST

We continue this week to get to know many of the vendor businesses at the Winter Market. Bald Man Markings is one of those and Derek Guyer’s story on how he started his business and his passion for life is one we enjoy. “I work in marriage ministry,” Derek said.  “We are called by churches and families all over the country to help couples who are going through serious problems. To relieve some of the stress of the work, last January I began listening to scripture and drawing at the same time. I hadn’t seriously drawn in about 10 years. But, some really cool stuff started happening on paper and I was having fun. I needed the break mentally.

One evening I was decorating a frame for a picture I had sketched of a hawk and decided to see what the frame would look like with a leather feather hanging on it. (side note: long story short, I purchased about 700 lbs of scrap leather for $40 from an Amish leather worker near my home. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I thought his offer was incredible.) When I started cutting out the feather I accidentally nicked the leather and noticed a color change. So, I started playing and created a really cool looking feather. I started laughing at how life-like it looked and googled “engraving leather”. That’s when I found the idea to etch leather. When I saw the only other artist I’ve ever found who etches leather, I arrogantly thought, “I could do that.” I grabbed another piece of scrap leather and in twenty minutes had created an indian face that looked incredibly real. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

So, I started making pictures and one day I began posting them on Facebook. As soon as I did, a man sent me a message and asked for a price on one of them. I gave him a price and he bought it immediately. I couldn’t believe it.

I was then invited by two Community Farmers Market vendors to come share my etchings last summer. It has been a huge blessing for me and a wonderful place to share this gift God has given me. Since all of this started, I’ve sold custom leather etchings to people from California to Texas to Maine to Florida, and I’m now receiving inquiries from people in other countries as well.” Another great story of someone using their art, life and talents to better our Community Farmer’s Market and Bowling Green. Here is Derek’s website and facebook page:


Check out Community Farmers Market facebook page. We look forward to working with ‘Community Farmers’ Market’  A great place to make your food that much better. Plus check out Meltdown {simply delectable iced cream} facebook page.

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