Vegetarians Look Away. This is Just Us Lusting After The Meat We Gazed Upon With Our Trip To Rian’s Fatted Calf.

We have been shocked at how many people have never shopped at The Fatted Calf. It’s located on 31-W Bypass.

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Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 12:00 PM CST

We love walking into Fatted Calf. It looks, feels and smells like the butcher shop my grandmother used to take me to. Then as I got older my parents never went to the butcher stop but, to the box grocery store. The one who gave us meats and eggs from distances away that we could not see what was going on in those farms. Well, at Rian’s Fatted Calf Meat Shoppe you can feel good knowing that it’s coming most of the time from local farms or reputable sources. Not to mention, it tastes so much better.

JD Milk from Russellville.

Smith and Son Farms’ Free-Range eggs out of Scottsville. They are Sooo good.

A beautiful Bone-in Prime Rib-eye

Whole Free Range Chickens. 2.5 pounds that are antibiotic and hormone free.

Penny makes great Pimento Cheese.

We were skeptical of “Boar’s Head” doing pickles. Shockingly fantastic.

Cutting a Bone-In Pork Loin just for you……

The chop from the Bone-In Pork Loin.

Go check them out at  1505 Us 31w-Bypass. A great place to make your food that much better. Also, fan their facebook page!

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