Facebook Fan Page Friday: Selva Chalinas!

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Friday, December 7th, 2012 7:00 AM CST

This is how Selva Chalinas described their company on Etsy: “Your tot will look cool and sharp in one of my hand crafted möbius strip style scarves! (or infinity scarves as some call them!) I received compliments over and over again for the original designs I created for my tiny fashionista, so I decided make them available for everyone, and Selva Chalinas was born! Selva Chalinas scarves have no buttons, ties, or dangling ends, so they are safe for everyone. I am open to requests for smaller or larger sizes.”

Also continue the “Facebook Fan Page Friday” trend with fan of Selva Chalinas! We are hoping you as fans of local arts will start fanning the pages of some of our local businesses, arts and organizations. Selva Chalinas (Click Here) is a great place to be better informed about a great way to keep kids warm this winter. Also, to be more in touch with the buy local community, fan the page!

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