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By Jan Hoadley, slowmoneyfarm.wordpress.com
Tuesday, October 30th, 2012 9:00 AM CST

Do you long for traditional meals? Would you like to build memories with your family learning exactly where and how your food is produced?

We are now accepting customers for 2013 shares. These take customization to a whole new level! The average farmer is said to feed 155 people – and with millions eating daily we’re looking for those in our target area that are ready to do something about their food supply sourcing. We do this while using some livestock breeds that are living treasured heirlooms.

We’ll raise our pigs, lambs and beef with room to move around.  We encourage diversity by using rare and heritage breeds as much as possible, creating a functional job for them that insures their place in the future. We have several from the Slow Food Ark of the Taste list. We’ll also use more common breeds for some functions, and have plans for some unusual introductions. The Dominique, one of our chickens, has been feeding Americans for over 100 years.

Tradition meets technology – welcome to SlowMoneyFarm. Among the food trends for 2012 is goat and rabbit – sign up here to get yours from traditional breeds, some that have been around since the Depression era. Our farm share Stock Up Food Choice System comes in several levels for a custom program tailored to your food choices.

Memorial trees – $200 plants a memorial tree in memory of someone special. Variety of trees available. For limited time – at no charge also includes a windchime, bird feeder, bird house or bat house to be hung in the tree.


If you’re interested in a more traditional CSA – paying a flat fee and splitting the food grown – we have that for 15 people. Cost is $75 per month, and limited to those in Bowling Green Kentucky or Nashville, Tennessee (monthly drop off). There is less choice for what is raised, and the crop is split among everyone participating. This would be for produce and eggs, although it could be in addition to a meat package. There are seven monthly payments for these – but it brings affordable food down to another food level. These are, however, very limited in scope, so if you want in sign up  quickly! We’re signing up now for 2013 so don’t wait!

Meat CSA Mini Share $500 – choose your package! Divide into 3 payments October, November, December 2013. We raise your food, you get updates and meat from a small farm. Delivery spring 2013, fall 2013. *Does not include processing on the whole/half hogs but does include delivery to the processor & delivery to pickup point*. Choose from:

  • 1/2 hog + 10 rabbits + 5 chickens
  • whole hog + 5 chickens
  • whole hog + 5 rabbits
  • 1/2 hog + 10 chickens + turkey + rosemary
  • 1/2 hog + 5 chickens + 5 rabbits + 8 ducks
  • 30# ground pork, 5 whole chickens, 1 turkey,  5 rabbits, 1 ham or pork shoulder, 2 cups home dried rosemary.

Meat CSA Small Share – $1000 – you pay 4 $250 payments starting October 2012. Choose delivery Spring, summer, fall 2013 (may be split delivery)

  • 1 whole hog (does not include processing), 2 Muscovy ducks, 5 silkies, 1 heritage turkey, 1 goose, 4 guineas, 10 pounds grass fed lamb, 6 heritage rabbits and 1 cup home dried loose leaf rosemary.
  • 1 whole hog (doesn’t include processing), 10 rabbits,  10chickens, 5 ducks, 2 heritage turkeys
  • 1 whole hog (doesn’t include processing), 1 whole lamb (doesn’t include processing), 10 rabbits or 10 chickens, 2 turkeys + 8 dozen eggs.
  • 2 whole hogs (doesn’t include processing), 2 turkeys, 5 chickens.
  • 12 chickens, 6 ducks, 12 rabbits and 2 turkeys + 1 lamb (does not include processing).
  • 2 lambs, 10 rabbits, 15 chickens, 20 dozen eggs.
  • 1 whole hog, 25 dozen eggs, 10 rabbits, 10 chickens, 2 turkey.

Medium CSA Meat share – $1500 – may be divided into 3 $500 payments due October, November and December 2012. Delivery on arrangement as ready, spring, summer, fall 2013 – may extend some to spring 2014 delivery. Shares with eggs may be monthly or every other month.

  • 2 whole hogs (processing not included), 5 ducks, 10 rabbits, 10 chickens, 40 dozen eggs, 2 turkeys.
  • 4 lambs, 10 rabbits, 10 chickens, 2 turkeys.
  • 2 lambs, 1 whole hog, 5 rabbit, 15 chickens, 25 dozen eggs, 1 turkeys
  • 3 lambs, 1/2 hog, 25 chickens, 1 turkey
  • 3 hogs, 50 dozen eggs, 5 chickens
  • 30 rabbits, 40 chickens, 25 dozen eggs
  • 50 ducks, 12 geese, 30 rabbit, 25 dozen eggs (Not USDA processed at this time)

Meat CSA share – large share – $2,000 – may be split into 4 payments – October, November, December, January. Delivery scattered spring, summer, fall, winter 2013, spring 2014.

  • 1/2 beef*, whole hog*, 10 chickens
  • 1/2 beef*, 1/2 hog*, 10 chickens, 10 rabbits
  • 6 lambs*, 20 rabbits, 5 chickens
  • 1/4 beef*, whole hog*, 50 dozen eggs, 25 chickens, 1 turkeys, 5 rabbits
  • 3 hogs*, 25 chickens, 25 dozen eggs, 5 rabbits, 1 turkey

* Why is processing of hogs and lambs not included? Because it empowers your food choices! Some folks may want 1 inch pork chops, smoked hams, spicy sausage and cured bacon while someone else wants 1/2 inch pork chops, medium sausage and fresh pork shoulder. You both get what you want, but the effort to process that differs – and with it, the cost. Very reasonable rates on these, however, and it makes the most of your hog. You can keep the heart, liver and other cuts, ham hocks, and things many “waste” by throwing away, or you can elect to not take those items. We deliver the animal to the processor (we’ll be using John’s Custom Meats in Smith’s Grove, Kentucky). If you don’t want to make use of the trim in ground meats, stew meats, neck bones etc, you can throw those out, donate so someone in need or other choices.  You can expect a total cost of about $3 per pound for pork.


Mini Share – $500 This mini-share is for those who are interested but not quite sure how it will work for them. Invest in a square foot garden, grown to your tastes, fresh eggs, herbs and/or meats for a reasonable price. Whatever is in ‘your garden’ space is yours. Meat – choose from pork, lamb, goat, rabbit, chicken, turkey, duck, and occasionally other meats available. Here you can choose from duck or chicken eggs. If you’re patient to wait for them to grow, we’ll also have berries, fruits and nuts.  Taste the freshness straight from the farm and know you made it possible.

Vegetarian Mini Share – Look what $500  brings to customers in Louisville or Bowling Green, Kentucky and Nashville Tennessee! 50 square feet of garden space, planted, weeded, watered and harvested, and delivered to pickup points. We’ll also include up to two dozen fresh, cage free brown eggs per month and a cup of fresh or air dried rosemary per package. As with our other packages, we start with heirloom varieties, with the option of a few hybrid varieties possible. No GMO. Over six months this is just $21 per week for fresh eggs, and in season you’ll have produce to can and preserve at home to last beyond the growing season. We already have some tomatoes and peppers seeds, and are maintaining control with certified organic seeds.

Our Moskvich heirloom tomatoes are started from certified organic seed.

Small Share – $1,000 – Stocking up has never been easier! This includes all of the options in the mini-share but with more volume. If you’re concerned with where and how your food is grown this is a way to take part in the benefits of a CSA but with a twist – you know what you’ll be getting! You’ll save money, eat better and have food on hand for unexpected emergencies. Common sense food.

Medium & Large Share – $1,500 and 2,000 –  If you long for fresh tomatoes, peppers, etc and home grown meats, this is an option. Make gifts from your own garden produce without needing the time, space or effort to grow it. Eggs also available – both chicken and duck. Because this is a custom situation you choose you can determine at signing what items you want. Seeds we’re starting with are heirloom organic wherever possible. Taste the tradition – and take up to 2 years to collect on your share, knowing that you played a big part in allowing us to grow food for many. It allows the traditional heirlooms a place in a modern world.

An important difference on our shares – if you purchase the larger shares, you may as an introductory offer spread that over two years. This “locks in” your source and a reasonable price for meats, which are predicted to go up at the stores. Perhaps you want less than a whole pig – with a cooperative effort we can split a pig twice – you still get a whole hog but not as much at one time. This is suited for those who may not have a large freezer.

For individuals or restaurants – choose from rabbit, chicken, turkey, pork, lamb – prices will vary. Insures that you know the source. General prices – rabbit $20 (dressed); chicken broilers $16 includes processing, roasters $20 includes processing; hogs (live weight 260-280 pounds) $400 approximately 180 pounds from a hog not including processing (less than $3/pound total); lambs (live weight 100-125 pounds) $5/pound including processing. Accepting a limited number of restaurants at this offer.

We will also have some ‘exotic’ meats that are often priced much higher in specialty places. Muscovy ducks, Silkie chickens, guinea hens, fresh lamb and more.

Sign up now to get a higher level of traceability in your meats. Delivered Nashville, Louisville; monthly delivery possible to Lexington, St.Louis, central Illinois (Peoria/Quad City area), Birmingham Alabama.We have a growing interest in the St. Louis area, and on a monthly basis that would allow visiting with family north of Peoria.

Fees go into a co-op that pays for land, basic equipment, feed and any supplies we need to buy. This is a great way to lock in your meat expenses. You don’t have to get all at once – if you need 20 rabbits and a 10 chickens per month that’s what you can set up on a custom basis. You know where and how the meat is raised and will receive videos and communication during the raising if you desire. Possible delivery at your cost to other locations…could deliver a one drop share between Bowling Green and Harrisburg PA in fall of 2013.

Remember that because we’re a small, custom operation that means we will be accepting a limited number of people to better serve all. Please sign up as quickly as possible to insure your spot in making food choices.

Gold Share – $5,000 – For those who have, and want, a little more. We’ve been constantly re-evaluating our offerings and looking at how we compare to what ‘competitors’ charge. In some cases we find we’re much less. We already have some of these items in progress. We’ve found prices for some range upwards of $8-10 per pound, with many cuts over $40 per pound. For the savvy person who wants these things but also is interested in a good deal, we’re offering our own brand of them! Choose from Berkshire pork, Silkie chicken, rabbit (including options of pasture rabbits!), Tunis lamb, lean Longhorn beef, guinea hens, heritage turkey for the holidays, Muscovy duck eggs, dry aged beef, whole duck and goose, goat (chevon), squab, pigeon and possibly other items from time to time, including many on the Ark of the Taste. We will beat the price of exotic retail markets, because you’re purchasing direct from the farm. This can be a multi-year package.

Premium Share – $25,000 This is for the customer who really wants more. You’ll get custom raised beef, pork, lamb, rabbit, turkey, duck, chicken, goose, eggs, produce, nuts, berries and more. You’ll have access to an exclusive catalog of items that include gift baskets for all occasions and hand made crafts. You’ll receive updates and know exactly where your food is grown, right down to the pasture the animal was raised in. Payment in advance allows a running account for when items are available.

Platinum Plus Share – $100,000 – this is everything in the Premium Share package PLUS extra items, including up to two vacation stays (up to 1 week each) either at a retreat or for your own personal rural country holiday in a cozy private basic cabin off the grid. Pets are welcome but will need to be confined to certain areas, enjoy fishing at private exclusive ponds and peaceful sunsets. This is designed as a package for up to five years.

Today’s modern production seeks uniformity. Each cut should look the same – resulting in beautiful displays at the meat counter. Ours may be different – they won’t necessarily look all alike. One egg may be larger than another. You may choose bantam eggs from our smaller treasures. For food choices it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. There are many options available within this framework. A few possibilities:

You get a large share and with it choose a small raised bed garden, half a hog, a holiday turkey, 10 chickens, fresh eggs and a half dozen dozen rabbit fryers.

You may leverage your food dollar with home raised meats and eggs. With our premium eggs, a quarter hog, four chickens and a rabbit once per month you won’t need as much freezer space as you may think. Taste a heritage turkey for the holidays – you’ve seen them listed online for up to $250. Ours will be more modestly priced, due to advance payment. Perhaps you would like to try duck or goose – those are more food choices.


These are different from the food shares in that it’s a set item – it’s raised right along with our food shares, but if we sell a ham we have to pay for butchering and cutting the whole hog – and the price reflects particular choices!

Comfort Food special – $450 – 15# ground meat (beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey and/or rabbit), 5 whole chickens, 1 turkey, 2 rabbits, 1 ham or pork shoulder, 2 cups home dried rosemary.

Gourmet meat package – $600 – 2 Muscovy ducks, 5 silkies, 1 heritage turkey, 1 goose, 4 guineas, 10 pounds grass fed lamb, 6 heritage rabbits and 1 cup home dried loose leaf rosemary.

Summer Grill – $200 – 5 whole chickens, 5 rabbits plus rosemary.

Raw Food Pet package – $100 for the dogs or cats. Note this is *not* USDA, it’s ground meat and may have bones, some organ meats. Includes about 10 pounds rabbit, 20 pounds chicken, 10 pounds beef, pork, lamb or mutton, – This is for pet consumption only!

Whisker special – 10 whole rabbits $200

Cluck & Squawk package – 10 chickens, 1 turkey, 10 ducks $475

Feathered Pig Package – a friend once referred to ducks and fast growing poultry as “feathered pigs” so here’s a feathered pig package! This is for 12 chickens, 2 turkeys and 6 ducks – $375.

Sunday Dinner Package – 12 chickens, 6  ducks, 12 rabbits and 2 turkeys. $750 You will not find a custom raised, quality package with heritage breeds cheaper! Heritage raised that’s less than (full price) $25 per animal. This is the best introductory package we can offer.

Carnivore freezer filler – $3,000 – on this package this is *live priced* – it’s delivered to the processor but *does not* include processing. If you want to dress out all/part yourself that is up to you. Includes  1 lamb, 3 hogs, 2o rabbits, 40 meat chickens, 2 turkeys, 6 ducks, 2 whole goose, 20 pounds tomatoes and peppers. All custom raised.

Self sufficiency package – $150

6 pullet chickens – out of the brooder, feathered, ready for your back yard pen – trio meat production rabbits – 2 does and a buck, Heritage garden seeds – 20 seeds each tomato, pepper, squash, pumpkin + 3 sets surprise!  Copy of Getting By: Lessons From a Rural Past

Whatever your choices, we appreciate your support at SlowMoneyFarm! Check out their facebook page.

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