Buy Local Bowling Green Restaurant Review: Shogun Bistro’s Hibachi Steak and Chicken

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Tuesday, July 31st, 2011 12:00 PM CST

The one thing we have in Bowling Green that most do not even question is great Hibachi Steak Houses. Obvious by the new Shogun location, we seem to love them as the day we went was a Saturday at 4pm and it was packed. It could have been that when we were there they had an Early Bird Special.

We’re not typically Early Bird Special types but throw Steak and Shrimp, Steak and Chicken, Chicken and Shrimp options for $14.99 at us and we’re game. I know, the purists are mad we didn’t go sushi or more traditional but I had to take up the Steak and Chicken meal.


What is a review of a restaurant if we don’t discuss atmosphere? I have been here multiple times but the beauty of the restaurant can not be overstated. They did an amazing job with the restaurant and the lay out is perfect.

Love the colors they used and the decor.

It was hot as usual lately so no one was out here. That said, this will be great in the fall with a Sapporo and Sushi.

My favorite decoration was not a decoration at all. The former location had big bulky hoods over the grill. It made it seemed cramped and they were noisy. Not with these beautiful grills. It pulls it right into the vents on the side of the table:

Of course, the atmosphere is festive with drums and the show from the Hibachi. You can get a more quiet location but, this place is about the show and community atmosphere. Plus, really good food.


We were hungry, and it all looked so good. The menu is nice sized with various options (click here for menus), but just about everything on it could be my next favorite. But like we said, ordered 2 Hibachi Steak and Chicken dinners and drinks.

Of course the Miso soup was the first out. Even though it was hot outside the restaurant it went down nicely and would make any person having a bad day smile. It comes with a small salad. Not much to it other than some lettuce and dressing. I’d show you a picture but, even though small and basic….. destroyed the salad.

That is when it appeared. The Glorious cart:

When you see this….. it’s on.

I had my three year old with me. She loves the show of the preparation, the food not so much. That’s why she got the grilled cheese sandwich and fries. Restaurants do seem to struggle with what to have on the menus for kids. Kid are picky but at Shogun Bistro the show makes it worth bringing the kids.

Pink Lemonade for the kids!

The Fire starter.

The flames were off and we were on our way. First thing that hit our plate was the rice. I must say, I’ve tried so much rice in Bowling Green I can’t say there is much difference in many places other than here, you get your money’s worth.

Veggies hit the grill first but were not served first.

White rice hogging the spotlight.

Who doesn’t enjoy the live cooking show?

When that rice is finally prepared it’s a golden brown.

Steak and Chicken on the grill. I can still smell it now.

Sizzlin’ very nicely.

Nice steak on a bed of rice.

The steak was nicely prepared. Now, I would never tell you this is the best steak in town but that’s not what this is about. It’s a special for $14.99 where you get steak and chicken. You’re not getting a filet but it is a nice cut with great flavor at an amazing price.

The picture does the veggies no justice. These were good.

The vegetables by far may be my favorite and I am not a vegetarian obviously. They just tasted so good with the rice. The surprise of the night? An appearance by noodles:

We didn’t order them but got noodles. We will make sure we order them next time.


The Chicken is great. I want you to realize I could eat Shogun Bistro’s chicken everyday. It’s nice, moist and so flavorful. Obviously I could eat the veggies as well. I know many of our fans are food snobs (as we are) but sometimes it’s good to get good old fashion chicken and rice.

Mock me all you want foodies.

TIP: Don’t let the foodies shame you. Indulge in what you like here. I get stares when I ask for extra servings of the white sauce (yes, I am one of those people). It’s there for a reason. I used to drown the stuff. I’ve been getting therapy and I only refilled once this time.

Overall: Plain and simple, I was surprised how much I enjoyed the Hibachi Steak and Chicken special. I’d even say it’s the safest meal to take your grandparent, father, mother or less adventurous friend to eat at Shogun Bistro. It’s flavorful, it’s very filling (so much we had enough for a meal the next day which was still good), brilliant service staff and a good time. We paid for 2 specials, a kids meal and three drinks for dinner menu at $45.62 after tax before tip. Check out their menus online and fan them on facebook. Next time, we’ll get a little more adventure in our meals.

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