Morris Jewelry On Fountain Square Welcomes Russian-born Ilya Abelsky to Bowling Green to Discuss Jeweled Eggs. May 10th-12th See This Beautiful Display of Eggs.

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Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 9:00 AM CST

The story of the jeweled egg started in St. Petersburg, Russia in late 1800’s. In keeping with the centuries old Russian tradition of celebrating Easter with three kisses and the gift of an egg. Czar Alexander accepted Peter Carl Faberge’s idea of creating a jeweled egg with a surprise inside for his wife. The success of this gift resulted in an imperial commission for a Faberge egg every year. This is only the beginning of the history of the Beautiful Eggs and Morris Jewelry will host Ilya Abelsky at their store to teach us more.

Everyone loves eggs.


Ilya Abelsky always appreciated the Faberge designs and the hand enameling techniques. In 1989 he founded his own company which started making miniature Faberge style eggs for the “art of it”. Once he began to show this collection, he discovered that there were many interested buyers fascinated by the intricate job of Russian jewelers. Since then Abelsky discovered several other Russian craftsmen who work with shaded enamel in the style of Faberge. Now, Abelsky travels the country with a mind boggling collection of miniature treasures. Come see them at Morris Jewelry:


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