Spencer’s Coffeehouse Now Offering Handcrafted Coffee Menu! Coffee Is Always Better Hand-made!

Mmmmm…. Goes great with handmade coffee!

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Monday, March 19th, 2012 9:00 AM CST

Spencer’s Coffeehouse is now offering a special treat for Bowling Green, handcrafted coffee. Direct-trade, organic coffees brewed by hand, resulting in a smoother, sweeter, more nuanced cup than common batch-brewing methods. It takes about 4 to 7 minutes after ordering but it is worth every bit of it. If you do order it, try it without cream and sugar first. Then add what is needed.

Handcrafted Coffee Menu

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (Oromia Union)– A light roasted coffee that features an aroma of cocoa and mellow sweetness, with notes of lemon and black tea.

Columbia (Fondo Paez)– A medium-bodied, sweet coffee with a floral aroma and flavors of pecan and orange zest.

Guatemala (Asociacion Chajulense)– The same coffee used in Spencer’s popular “Dark Guat,” this lighter roast is medium-bodied with mild acidity, boasting flavors of milk chocolate and vanilla.

Spencer’s Coffeehouse is the only cafe in southcentral Kentucky offering 100% organic, 100% fair-trade coffees from around the globe, hand-roasted for Bowling Green coffee lovers in nearby Nashville. Each day they brew at least one medium roast, one dark roast, one flavor and their Unplugged House Decaf at the cafe — but the best news is that you can order any of their coffees direct, roasted for you when you order and shipped immediately afterward! Check them out online or fan them at their facebook page.

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