Destiny Dental Giving Bowling Green A Healthy Smile and Tips For The Perfect Smile in 2012.

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Wednesday, January 4th, 2012 09:00 AM CST

With 2012 already here, people have pretty much drawn up their healthy New Year’s resolutions – such as losing weight, learning a new language, losing weight, trying to help others losing weight….. did we mention losing weight. Well one resolution that gets overlooked is to improve your oral health, which would have multiple benefits, and could even save lives.

While people know eating right, tossing the smoking habit and exercising are all part of leading a healthier lifestyle that can prolong their lives, most people are not aware of the overall health benefits of taking care of their teeth. Yet studies show that people who take care of their teeth live an average of 6.3 years longer than those who lose their teeth. Most adults lose their teeth to gum disease, which research links to heart disease, diabetes, preterm births and other health problems.

Well, Destiny Dental has a few ideas to help you with your oral health for 2012!

1) Brush twice daily – We know you’ve heard this your whole life. Yet, so many don’t do this. Your mouth is the front line for battling the bacteria that damage not only your teeth and gums, but also other organs and systems in your body. Brush your teeth thoroughly at least twice daily.

2) Floss daily – Your toothbrush can’t reach between your teeth, which allows the bacterial film to build up. Daily flossing cleans the spaces between teeth, depriving bacteria of a safe haven.

3) Have at least two dental cleanings a year – Your dental hygienist supplements your daily brushing and flossing by cleaning the pockets where bacteria may escape your own routine. And the hygienist provides a vital screening for problems between dental checkups.

4) Get a regular dental checkup at least annually – Preventative dentistry is better for your health – and much cheaper – than dealing with major dental problems. Many people never visit a dentist until teeth require a root canal or even extraction, problems that are expensive to fix, and affect other teeth. A checkup and a simple filling can head off thousands of dollars of repair.

5) Consider a new smile – Getting bridges or crowns for missing or broken teeth isn’t a luxury; these problems can have a domino effect that leave you with shifting teeth, a vulnerability to gum disease and other growing damage. After restorations are done, you should consider the quality-of-life benefits of a new smile. A mature adult who’s lived for decades with a crooked or discolored smile can turn the page on their self-esteem, confidence and emotional well-being with teeth straightened by Invisalign clear braces, beautiful crowns or veneers, dental bridges and whitening.  Getting your teeth cleaned twice a year, practicing good home care and taking care of problems when they are small is a lot less expensive than people think.

This year, make a commitment to tooth- and health-conscious eating habits. Rinse your mouth after eating sugary food or acidic foods. Avoid sticky sweets that cling to teeth, as well as hard candies that are held in the mouth to dissolve. Drink sugary beverages through a straw so it moves immediately to the back of the mouth. Avoid sugar as much as possible – there is a clear link between diabetes and oral health, and each feeds off the other. Fresh fruits, such as apples, can help clean teeth, and Xylitol – a sweetener found in sugar-free chewing gums and other foods – can actually fight against the bacteria.

Call Destiny Dental for more questions about Dental Insurance or to see if you a can schedule an appointment. Also, remember to practice healthy habits in 2012! Destiny Dental is located at 1720 Destiny Lane and can be reached by phone at 842-3554. Don’t forget to fan them on facebook.

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