Spencer’s Coffeehouse has the best Christmas presents for the Coffee lover!

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Thursday, December 16th, 2010 11:10 AM CST
“From gold to red and silver to orange, there’s a color — and a flavor — for everyone.”
Spencer’s Coffeehouse, on the square in Bowling Green, is running great deals on Bodum brand French presses and other coffee equipment through Dec. 23. Not only will you get a half-pound of Spencer’s coffee with each French press purchase, you’ll also get a 15 percent discount. Though French presses can be found elsewhere in Bowling Green, most of the models sold at Spencer’s aren’t otherwise available in the region. Among the options is the simple “Brazil” model (in black or red) for $25 (pre-discount); the modern “Bean” with a locking lid and bold orange look for $30; and the classy “Chambord” model, featuring 24-karat gold and a locking lid for $60.
Spencer’s also sells syphon brewers (vacpots) and burr grinders, and any of their fresh, fair-trade, organic coffees can be purchased for brewing at home. Side note: Awesome coffee. Try the Tiramisu.
“From left: Chambord, Bean and Brazil presses, all 15% off at Spencer’s through Dec. 23.”
“Spencer’s barista Katie shows off the bold “Bean” French press, filled with a fresh helping of Moka Java coffee.” 


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