Keep You Family Out of the Nursing Home & Hospital with CDS #10 Pharmacy’s Home Connections Program!

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Wednesday, May 18th, 2016 8
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CDS #10 Home Connections Program is an innovative medication adherence program designed to meet each individual patient’s needs. Our goals are to prevent hospital readmissions, nursing home admittance, maintain patient independence and increase patient adherence to improve outcomes. We accomplish these goals by partnering with both the physician and the patient to provide individualized medication management.

How the program works

  • A pharmacist will go to the patient’s home and reconcile all their medications, including any OTC or prescription medications they have that they are not currently prescribed.
  • Routine medications will be stored in the pharmacy. Weekly medication sets will be prepared at the pharmacy and delivered to the patient’s residence.
  • Each time a change is made in their medication regimen, we will discuss the change with the patient/caregiver and retrieve/deliver new or old medications.
  • Each week, our staff will review the previous week’s medication set for adherence and follow up as needed.
  • Patients enrolled in Home Connections will pay a one-time start-up fee (medication set container cost) followed by a monthly fee that is far less costly than the alternatives we are attempting to prevent.

If you want to learn more now go to CDS #10 Pharmacy’s facebook page. Also fan them here. You can also find out more at or by calling (270) 781-5661.

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