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Thursday, September 10th, 2015 7
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One of our newest partners is Beet Box Produce and today we get to know the Owner and Creator of the new service everyone is jumping to subscribe to. Here is the Q&A with Michelle Darnall of Beet Box Produce:
1. Tell us a little about you. Where are you from, what are your hobbies and where did you start your career that led to the business?
I was born and raised here in Bowling Grew. I grew up in Richardsville and have lived in BG for all but 3 years of my life.
I love spending time with my family, husband Byron and three children, Greer age 4 and 2 yr old twins Emerson (B) and Anderson (G).  One of my favorite things to do it cook and I find it very relaxing. I love new recipes and trying new foods.

2. What is your earliest memory of your work, what got you interested in it?

My husbands job took us to Des Moines, Iowa in 2011 and it was there that I experienced a business similar to Beet Box. We used a service very similar and I told him at some point in time that if we ever moved back to BG I was going to start one of my own. Before we moved back I talked with the owner of the business there and she has been a tremendous help to me in my process.
3. What is your favorite thing you sell?

That’s a hard one!  Probably the unique produce items that we have in the boxes from time to time.  I’m always anxious to try a new fruit or vegetable that I’ve never had before.

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4. Who are your influences in life and your work?

My dad was one of my biggest influences as far as work is concerned. He has passed away but he instilled in me a very strong work ethic. He never said things would be easy but that you should always work hard. He was a good leader and I hope I can do the same.
5. If you had to choose a last meal, what would you eat?

This is pretty easy, sushi!  YUKI is one of my all time favorites!
6. How important is local business collaboration to you?

I love when I am able to work with other local businesses and help one another. This is one of the ways that I have grown my business.  By partnering with other local businesses to get their product into more hands it has in turn helped my business to grow.

7. What do you see for the future of your business in Bowling Green and serving South Central Kentucky?

I just want to continue to get the word out about Beet Box. I know there are so many people in our area that have never even heard about it. What I am working on right now is adding more products to the online grocery section so that we can expand our offerings to include more grocery and KY Proud products.

8. What other locally owned businesses in town do you enjoy shopping, eating or patronizing?  

This is a long list. After starting this business I have become more aware of locally owned businesses. Growing up here there are of course some I have been to most of my life, Riley’s for instance.  I enjoy Align Pilates aka The Spot, Spencer’s, YUKI of course, Griff’s, Chatters just to name a few.

Beet Box Produce services Bowling Green, Warren County, Glasgow, Cave City, Park City, and Franklin. Check them out on their facebook page and instagram. Also visit their website ( and see their recent list of products to order as well as get on their weekly email blast. You can also reach them at (270) 792-8448.

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