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From Creative Interiors: “How do you arrange sleeping pillows and decorative pillows?”


By Gina Graham, Creative Interiors
Tuesday, July 28th, 2015 12:00 PM CST

How do you arrange sleeping pillows and decorative pillows? Surprisingly, there’s not an easy answer. We have a lot of things to consider before we can make a decision. Here at Creative Interiors, it’s all about the fabrics, but we’ll start with layering. Which layering design do you like? 

Above is a chart for bed pillow arrangement. Standard pillows are full (20 x 26), queen (20 x 30) and king (20 x 36). They are all 20” tall however, different widths. Decorative pillows start with Euro (26 x 26) and go down to squares (16 x 16). Then we choose a neck roll, bolsters or circle to complete the design.


Now let’s talk about the bed. Do you have a large headboard that you want to showcase? Or one that we really need to cover up until it’s refinished? Typically we start with Euro because they are the tallest (26 x 26). However, you only see a little of the fabric at the top because the next size will be at least 20” tall which will cover most of the Euro. We like to mix up with different sizes but we also need to consider the fabric.

Which fabric goes where? Should we put the large print in the Euro’s or the Shams? Do I need a POP of color but not too much? Where do I put it? These are good questions, but not easy to answer. It’s all about balance. We don’t want to overpower the bed ensemble with a large print or have all sold fabrics. We like to have at least 4 fabrics with different pattern, color and texture to give you variety. I like to have a good selection to choose from, the more the merrier! We can add brush fringe, tassel trim or cording. 

If you are not comfortable with change, do it in stages. My mother doesn’t like change, so we have to take it slow. She’s had a comforter for 20 years and it was finally time to change (thank goodness). She decided on a small pattern for the comforter and queen shams. She didn’t think anything else was needed. Mom, what about Euros? So, I made 2 Euro’s in a solid fabric, and we didn’t do anything else for about 4 months.  Mom would walk into the room and say “Perfect!  It doesn’t need anything else.”  Then, the next week she would say “Something is missing, but I’m not sure what it is!”  Needless to say, a year later she has 2 square 18 x 18 pillows and a neck roll.

Are you like my mom, and do things in stages? Or are you like me who does it all at one time? Then I can check that off my list and move on to the next project.  There is no wrong answer. Just have fun putting it together! Come into Creative Interiors and let us help spark your imagination to create a look that reflects your unique personality. It’s really all about you!

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*Originally posted at Creative Interiors blog*

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