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As Our Troops are Overseas, One Bowling Green Merchant Is Sending “Smokes For Soldiers.”

By Admin,,
Tuesday, June 14th, 2011 10:00 AM CST

As we fast approach the 4th of July and our US Soldiers, Marines, Airmen and Sailors are overseas in multiple theaters of conflict. No matter how you feel about what their mission happens to be, we all want to support our men and women in uniform. Bowling Green Pipe and Cigar initiated the program “Smokes for Soldiers” last year in an attempt to give those serving some sort of normalcy or just a treat from home.

If you want to help provide aide, comfort and much needed relaxation to the men and women serving overseas, check out Bowling Green Pipe And Cigar out on the square. Their goal will be to fill a Xikar travel humidor with donated premium cigars. Each time one is filled they will they will package it with a double bladed cutter, a punch, an 8 ounce bottle of Xikar PG Solution and a description of the included cigars.

If you know someone or love that is in present Active Duty in our Armed Forces, please inquirer about putting their name in the drawing for a package to be sent. You can help brighten the day of these brave men and women and send them a piece of home. Check out Smokes for Soldiers and Bowling Green Pipe and Cigar on facebook.  Located at 434 East Main on fountain square  you can reach them at 904-2285. Open Monday through Saturday     11:00 am-8:00 pm.

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3 comments on “As Our Troops are Overseas, One Bowling Green Merchant Is Sending “Smokes For Soldiers.”
  1. Kevin Mays says:

    Let’s see . . . Pray that our men and women stay safe overseas, but give them the gift of lung cancer. One of the dumbest ideas ever!

  2. Admin says:

    Kevin, I appreciate your concern over Cigars and we are all adults and have the Free Will to choose our actions. The only flaw I would point out are the soldiers receiving cigars are wanting the product and as someone who has family who has benefited from the program they have said it’s a stress relief to their day and a reminder of home. This is a legal product and approved by the Pentagon to be sent to their soldiers.

    From the “Smokes for Soldiers” facebook page:

    “Thanks for the Care Package, I’ll be sure to post up a picture of the guys in my platoon and me enjoying the cigars around the fire.” -Gary Faust

    “Although I am not a big advocate of smoking cigarettes, I believe in the cigar program. I know first hand that it provides stress relief and relaxation to our soldiers. If you are willing to lay down your life for us, you are certainly welcome to smoke a great cigar, cigarette, or dip tobacco all you want. Not only is this a stress relief issue, but tobacco could potentially save their life. Sleep deprived soldiers depend on tobacco products to keep them awake and alert.”- Alaina Bronson

    Kevin, I think the testimonials above speak for themselves.

  3. Chris Abend says:

    Mr. Mays, thanks for the comment. While I appreciate your concerns, I feel they are misplaced. The cigars are only being sent to service members who request to be entered, or are entered by family and friends of said individuals who know they already enjoy this premium, legal product. I am more concerned with providing them a brief respite from things that are actively trying to kill them; ieds, bullets, and the enemy.

    Perhaps you would do better to remember the big picture when it comes to our fellow countrymen’s safety Over There.

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