It’s almost time for the The 4th annual BG Gauntlet Mud Run!


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Tuesday, July 7th, 2015 12:00 PM CST

From BGgauntlet.com:

The fourth annual BG Gauntlet Mud Run will be held on Saturday, July 11, 2015 at Phil Moore Park in Bowling Green, KY.

The original event you all know and love is still taking center stage. For ages 12 through adult, the BG Gauntlet Mud Run is 5k of tough terrain, fun obstacles, and more mud than you thought possible! For 2015, we have new obstacles for participants to conquer. This course has less to do with your fitness level, and more to do with your state of mind. Don’t be afraid to overcome your fears and run the Gauntlet!

$75 Registration Fee (Day of the Race) (Available for the Gauntlet Only)


Participants must push their way through the following obstacles:

Obstacle #1 3ft (height) log hurdle
Obstacle #2 12ft rope climb
Obstacle #3 5 Rings across (you are 12 ft in the air)
Obstacle #4 Declining balance beam (roughly 6-7 feet in the air)
Obstacle #5 Jumping down from a 6ft log
Obstacle #6 7ft wall
Obstacle #7 Crawling (belly your way through a distance)
Obstacle #8 Hurdle over 4.5ft beam
Obstacle #9 “Pogo” (continuously hurdling over several beams)
Obstacle #10 3 ft (height) log hurdle

Heat Times

Participants in this year’s “Combine”, will be given two chances to run the course. The fastest time will be recorded. Use the chart below to determine when your attempts are scheduled:

Heat 1st Attempt 2nd Attempt
Heat 1 9:05am 11:30am
Heat 2 9:10am 11:35am
Heat 3 9:15am 11:40am
Heat 4 9:20am 11:45am
Heat 5 9:25am 11:50am
Heat 6 9:30am 11:55am
Heat 7 9:35am 12:00pm
Heat 8 9:40am 12:05pm
Heat 9 9:45am 12:10pm
Heat 10 9:50am 12:15pm
Heat 11 9:55am 12:20pm
Heat 12 10:00am 12:25pm
Heat 13 10:20am 12:45pm
Heat 14 10:25am 12:50pm
Heat 15 10:30am 12:55pm
Heat 16 10:35am 1:00pm
Heat 17 10:40am 1:05pm
Heat 18 10:45am 1:10pm
Heat 19 10:50am 1:15pm
Heat 20 10:55am 1:20pm
Heat 21 11:00am 1:25pm
Heat 22 11:05am 1:30pm
Heat 23 11:10am 1:35pm
Heat 24 11:15am 1:40pm

Note: There is no same-day registration for the Combine – participants may only register online.

Can I register for both the Combine and the BG Gauntlet?


Remember: You are guaranteed 2 races for the Combine. So let’s say you register for the 9:10am Combine heat time. Your next race will be around 11:35am (roughly 2 hours apart). If you want to register for the Gauntlet as well, you’ll need be sure to register for a time that will not interfere with your Combine races.

The Gauntlet will take roughly 30 min to 1 hour to complete based upon fitness level and/or flow of participants. A precise time cannot be entirely predicted.

Mud Pie

The third annual “Mud Pie” is geared towards kids aged 6-11. Young participants will be runnin’, jumpin’, crawlin’, pullin’, climbin’, and hangin’ through the same 400 meter course filled with 7-10 obstacles. And unlike the adults, children may go through the course as many times as they wish during their allotted time!

Registration prior to the day of the event is $28 per child. Registration on race day will increase to $38 per child.

Heat #1 9:30am Ages 6-7
Heat #2 10:00am Ages 8-9
Heat #3 10:05am Ages 10-11

Note: In order to be guaranteed an event t-shirt, your online registration must be completed by midnight, June 19, 2015.

Muddy Buddy

The 3rd annual “Muddy Buddy” is geared for our special need folks (Ages 6 through adult). Participants will run/walk through the same 400 meter course as the “Mud Pie” event. However, mom, dad, or a loved one will be able to walk/run with their participant. And don’t worry, authorized event staff will be present to supervise this party for all participants!

Registration prior to the day of the event is $28 per child. Registration on race day will increase to $35 per individual.

Heat #1 9:00am Ages 6 and over

Note: Only one “Muddy Buddy” heat will be held during this year’s BG Gauntlet event.

Corporate Challenge

Sign up today to run the BG Gauntlet with your co-workers (8-12 individuals). Help each other climb through, over, or under multiple obstacles over a 5 kilometer course. You’ll be glad you did it!

Note: In order to be guaranteed an event t-shirt, your online registration must be completed by midnight, June 19, 2015.

The cost for ten individuals is $495.00. For 2015, online registration is required.

Rent a Tent Space (New for 2015)

This year, you may reserve a tent space online for an extra $10, so you’re friends or team can hang out together and even watch the inaugural COMBINE race. Each space allows for a 10 x 10 tent.

Once registration is completed and you have purchased a tent space, please send an email tobggauntletmudrun@gmail.com requesting the location of your tent. Please use the following map to determine which location you would like:

2015 Rent a Tent Space Map


The recipients of the BG Gauntlet are as follows:

2012 The Family Enrichment Center
2013 The Center for Courageous Kids
2014 The Ethan Foundation
2015 The Synergy Center (Warren County Public Schools)

For 2015, the Gauntlet will help support hungry kids through the Synergy Center which is our very own Warren County Public Schools. The Synergy Center will receive 20% of gross registration from the Gauntlet.

Come on out and support our community. Get registered, buy a burger, and watch the inaugural Combine!

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