It’s Not Too Late to Grab A Valentines Gift That Will Last WAY Longer Than Flowers or Chocolates, Head Over To Candle Makers On The Square!

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Wednesday, February 13th, 2013 9:00 AM CST

When you buy your candles on the square you should feel good knowing they are triple scented and contain 10% fragrance no matter the size of the candle. That means they are 6 times stronger than your typical commercial candles (no matter the cost of the candle). Oh and about those flowers and chocolates we talked about in the title? For that reason they offer great scents of flowers..and chocolates.

Remember, Candle Makers On The Square also engraves any size jar as well. A great gift for Valentine’s Day!

Candle Maker’s is for lovers and who doesn’t love a candle. Make sure you get on their email list and check their facebook page out.

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