Buy Local Month 2020

Buy Local Month 2020 is a shopping, arts and entertainment event from November 15th- December 15th. We wanted to give southern Kentucky the chance to take those local dollars during the gift giving season and keep them local (meaning with local merchants in southern Kentucky, Louisville and Middle Tennessee since we know traveling does take place for these shopping trips). The key is to find the non-chain stores and shop the small to medium businesses in our area. We are also during this month via Facebook and Twitter going to give HYPER-LOCAL giveaways (via social media) with local artists and businesses. Here are the events through the Buy Local Month during 2020:

Thanksgiving Meal Deals by Local Restaurants (from 2020):

All Month Multi-Day Events (from 2020):

November, 15th Sunday-

November, 16th Monday-

November, 17th Tuesday

November, 18th Wednesday-

November, 19th Thursday-

November, 20th Friday-

November, 21st Saturday-

November, 22nd Sunday- 

November, 23rd Monday-

November, 24th Tuesday-

November, 25th Wednesday-

November, 26th Thursday, Thanksgiving-

November, 27th Friday, Black Friday

November, 28th Saturday-

November, 29th Sunday-

November, 30th Monday

December, 1st Tuesday-

December, 2nd  Wednesday-

December, 3rd  Thursday-

December, 4th  Friday-

December, 5th  Saturday-

December, 6th  Sunday-

December, 7th  Monday-

December, 8th  Tuesday-

December, 9th  Wednesday-

December, 10th  Thursday-

December, 11th  Friday-

December, 12th  Saturday-

December, 13th  Sunday-

December, 14th  Monday-

December, 15th  Tuesday-

Our website is a huge part of getting our message out to Southern Kentucky as is our Magazine but we are adjusting with the times and active on social media.

Probably the most important social media and the one we are most active through posting and stories is Instagram. Find us at BuyLocalBG on IG!

From the start we’ve been on Facebook and that is not going to stop. Please follow us by clicking here.

Click here and Subscribe to our Youtube Channel. We’ve created a secondary channel for more sales oriented videos so this tends to be tips and features. Our best: www.youtube.com/user/BuyLocalBG

We are on Twitter under BuyLocalBG but those accounts are not as active as these outlets.

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