Great Looking Furniture, Kid’s Toys, Record Players, Dishes, Trucker Hats, Clown Art and More At Labold and Sons at Spotcash.

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Monday, February 27th, 2012 11:00 AM CST

I’ve heard Labold and Sons Spot Cash described as “An antique shop for people who also love historical museums.” It’s very true since it’s often hard to tell the difference when you’re browsing the store with the helpful guidance of Danielle and Kenneth. The building itself is incredible – and is a Bowling Green icon.

Here are some of the beautiful gems inside Labold:

Just an amazing piece for your home.

The dishes inside are wonderful. Look at those patterns.

Another great vintage dresser, perfect for your home.

Look at the handles on this beautiful vintage dresser.

So many people come in for the art and small items, it’s the furniture they need to look at!

The toy section makes little kids smile and us big kids. Last week found an awesome 1960’s war board game!

Send in the Clowns!

All Trucker hats for $1.99!

Record Players……

…….Record Players

…… and more record players.

Labold and Sons has really become a friend to the “Buy Local” community and over the next year we hope the city embraces their unique shop as they develop their concept. Located at 326 E. Main Ave. currently you can fan them on facebook.

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