What makes us so afraid? We just don’t want to make the wrong decision. Then how do we get through the design process or remodeling?


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Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 07:00 AM CST

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Making any decision is hard, even a small one.  We know that it will impact EVERYTHING!  So we are afraid to decide.  What makes us so afraid?  We just don’t want to make the wrong decision.  Then how do we get through the design process or remodeling?

One step at a time.  Yes, the impact of your decision to buy a stainless steel dishwasher or a BLACK stainless steel dishwasher does affect the feeling of the room.  It will not impact the performance of the dishwasher in anyway but we do want it to match.  Well, match what??  Should we match the faucets that are brushed nickel?  Or the light fixtures that are chrome?  Let’s start with the first standard which is all appliances should be the same finish.  That being said, if you choose Black stainless steel appliances that doe NOT mean you need to have black faucets.  We look at the room as a whole and decided how to make it balance.  In this case, appliances need to compliment the cabinets.  No punch of color here!  See it’s really just a process of elimination.  What color will work best with the cabinets?  If you have white cabinets, either will work.  Stained cabinets go with stainless steel.  Most painted or glazed cabinets will lead toward either one as well.  Base the decision on which one you liked initially and go with it.





See that wasn’t so hard.  After 3 or 4 decisions are made you will see the room come together.  Then each decision will get easier because you have a direction.  Of course, if you struggle you can always call a interior designer/decorator for assistance.  Sometimes it is good to have someone look at the project from the outside and give advice.  Girlfriends are always great to help but we want them to stay our friends.  A good decorator will sit down with you and help you decide what is important and how to prioritize.  You don’t need to have them for the whole project if it is cost prohibited but I think you will find a new friend that is objective to your wants & needs.

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