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What is in that Medium Beet Box Produce box that Buy Local Bowling Green Gets Every Week?

Recent Box from Beet Box: This week from Beet Box we got our Medium box which included: Roma Green Beans (local) 1 (lb.), Broccolini 1 (each), Peaches 3 (each), Bananas 4 (each), Table Carrots 1 (lb.), Black Plums 4 (each), Blackberries 1 (6oz) and Red Potatoes (local) 1 (lb.)!

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Thursday, September 1st, 2016 7:00 AM CST

We Order a Medium Box from Beet Box Produce. What do we get? Well, for the 3rd week of June we got:

  • Roma Green Beans (local) 1 (lb.)
  • Broccolini 1 (each)
  • Peaches 3 (each)
  • Bananas 4 (each)
  • Table Carrots 1 (lb.)
  • Black Plums 4 (each)
  • Blackberries 1 (6oz)
  • and Red Potatoes (local) 1 (lb.)!

We Order a Medium Box from a couple months ago (So you get a proper understanding) Beet Box Produce. What do we get?

  • Valencia Oranges 5 (each)
  • Bananas 4 (each)
  • Tommy Atkins Mango 2 (each)
  • Russian Banana Fingering Potatoes 1 (1.5lb bag)
  • Sugar Snap Peas 1 (8oz)
  • Bartlett Pear 10 (each)
  • Baby Carrots 1 (16oz bag)

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 9.42.06 PM

This past week, we got:

  • 10 Bananas
  • Zucchini
  • 12 oz Rainbow baby carrots
  • Avocados
  • Fuji Apples
  • Kent Mango
  • Kiwi
  • 16 oz Baby Bella Mushrooms
  • bunch of Fresh Basil!

How It Works

1.  Sign up!! Choose what size box you would like delivered to your home or office weekly or bi-weekly.

2.  Set your account preferences.  Tell us what you like and dislike and we will do our best to plan your box accordingly.

3.  Each week you will receive an email from us onFriday with the menu for the next week.   Log onto your account and make changes and additions till your heart’s content and the box is just how you like it.  Just make sure you have it finished byNoon on Sunday’s.

4.  Anxiously anticipate the delivery of your box…………..

5.  Each week set your box out and we will replace it with a box full of healthy delicious fruits and veggies.  (Initially we will be using boxes that we will recycle but as we grow we will switch over to reusable boxes.  Because of this we want you to get in the habit of putting your box out for us to pick back up.  (Don’t worry if you forget one week we will get it the next time around!)

6.  Enjoy your great food and let us take care of the rest!!

7.  Don’t forget to check out our recipe page to find some delicious ways to use the contents of your box!!

Beet Box Produce services Bowling Green, Warren County, Glasgow, Cave City, Park City, and Franklin. Check them out on their facebook page and instagram. Also visittheir website ( and see their recent list of products to order as well as get on their weekly email blast. You can also reach them at (270) 792-8448.

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