If your child is struggling in school Bluegrass Learning Services comprehensive reading, writing and math intervention program will help.


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If your child is struggling in school our comprehensive reading, writing and math intervention program will help. Our program is customized to address your child’s unique needs and is designed to fit your busy family schedule. All sessions are delivered by certified teachers who are subject matter experts AND have extensive classroom experience working with children of all ages. On average, our tutors have over 14 years of classroom teaching experience.

Here is how it works:

  1. Our Senior Education Specialist conducts a one-to-two hour initial evaluation to determine your child’s strengths and areas of need. This is an in-depth interview and screening that requires a trained expert. We do not just hand your child a test to be graded.
  2. The Senior Education Specialist compiles the information from the initial screening and creates an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) designed to address the most pressing literacy needs of your child.
  3. We conduct a parent meeting to review the ILP and discuss what the tutor will be working on during your weekly sessions. You will be provided with a projected time-line to get your child performing on-grade level and detailed information on activities you can do at home to improve your child’s performance.
  4. A Bluegrass Learning Literacy or Math Specialist, depending on the needs of your child, follows the ILP and works with your child one-on-one to address their needs.
  5. You will receive a monthly report detailing what our tutor has worked on with your child so you can measure progress against the goals and timelines of the Individual Learning Plan.

Register online at or by calling 270-925-2148. Students from any high school are welcome to attend. You can see all dates and register for classes by visiting or by calling us at 270-925-2148.

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